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The cycle is essential for the maintenance of life on Earth. On the one h& this cycle to provide to all terrestrial ecosystems. The ecosystem living things need to live (For more information on “Properties of Water” in the listing above) atmospheric currents allow atmospheric vapor to move around the planet & to precipitate any part more or less frequently, even in deserts.

No less important is the fact that the cycle allows purification l& &. Upon evaporation of the leaves behind becoming pollutants in drinking. Without the cycle, the buildup of substances harmful to health would be so large that it would not be drinking. This does not mean that the rain precipitated chemically pure, ie one is a mixture of hydrogen & oxygen (H20), & containing other components dissolved th'rein such as nitrogen, carbon or sulfur. However, these components containing, in perspective, are very important for the proper functioning of living organisms. (More information on “Water pollution” in the listing above)


How long does the in a particular location?  

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The duration of a portion of in each of the places where it is stored is different. Thus, for example, a drop of may remain in a stored underground aquifer liquid for longer than supercie is deposited on the plants. Depending on where the resides, the duration of this place is more or less. A drop of stored in the deep layers of the earth can remain underground until 10,000 years ago, while the so deep aquifers usually do not after one or two centuries. A portion of a glacier changes place when it evaporates into the atmosphere or melted to join a stream of. The maximum duration of one part in a glacier is very long, although much smaller than the one stored in deep aquifers. This process usually takes between about 20 & 100 years. A drop of stored in the soil moisture usually lasts a couple of months at most, while that found in the snow not ice, usually disappears between 30 & 60 days after the snow, a figure that is similar to the part of the current of a river.


Current threats hanging over the cycle

The cycle has enabled a fairly constant amount of to l&. For many millions of years, this resource, through this process, has been revamped to allow life on it. One can say that the available to the primitive ferns or the dinosaurs drank more 200 million years is the same we drink today all living beings, purified & preserved & conveniently distrihowevered by constant cycle.

In humans, this cycle depends alive & have the ability to continue to function properly. Site Changes introduced in climate & the increasing pollution of the biosphere put increasingly threaten the purity & proper distrihoweverion &, consequently, the current continuity of living species on Earth.




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